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Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen."

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

About the Practice of "Magick"


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Magic is not instantaneous, nor does it violate the laws of nature.  For example, you can do all the magical spells you want, but you will never change lead into gold.  Lead by nature is not gold, nor does it have the composition or nature of gold.  Also, the results of a spell must build up over a period of time until the willed desire manifests.  To increase the rate of success, the Witch should never count on one performance of a spell working.  The spell must be done consecutively for three, five, seven, or nine days.


Magic not only can produce manifested physical results, it is a technique that is valuable because it opens the inner door to the hidden parts of the self.  It can also connect the inner self of a Witch with the inner selves of all other humans, including the ancestors and deceased Witches from the past.


The stereotyped image of an old Witch with warts casting curses is merely negative propaganda.  People who pray for someone’s death are just as guilty of cursing.  The magic lies within the person and their intent.  Strong emotional thoughts are capable of manifesting the thought-of-desire.  You do not have to be a Witch or practice magic to be guilty of producing negative actions.


Magic, correctly taught, always comes with the warning to avoid deliberately harming anyone.  The art of magic is learned by study, practice, patience, and persistence.  You do not acquire skill in magic instantaneously.

(From:  "Wicca:  The Complete Craft" by D. J. Conway.)

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The Current Moon Phase

Book of Shadows


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Spells 1-4

1. Magickal Practices 


Foot track magic involves working sorcery using the dirt from someones footprint placed in a bottle, or else placing a sprinkling powder such as goofer dust or graveyard dirt inside someones shoes or in a place they're likely to walk through, in order to administer a curse.


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An uncrossing is a method of removing crossed conditions, which could mean anything from an actual curse someone has put on you, to a run of bad luck, to a destructive behaviour pattern. An uncrossing operation is like a souped-up banishing ritual or psychic detox that purges your system of crossed conditions.


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Crossroads magic is a remnant of worship of the West African trickster deity known variously as Legba, Ellegua or Eshu. The Lord of the crossroads, opener of doorways and master of paths. Although in hoodoo his worship is often a stage removed from its African religious context. He is sometimes syncretised with the persona of the pagan Teutonic devil, or simply referred to as "the black man at the crossroads" as in the Robert Johnson myths. Deals are made at the crossroads, power is gained, and magic is worked. In my practice it is not the above mentioned entity that I invoke but rather, Hecate, the goddess who is considered the Queen of the Crossroads.


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A gris-gris bag, also known as a mojo bag, lucky hand, toby or wanga bag, is an amulet in the form of a small cloth bag filled with various herbs, minerals or zoological items. It functions like a prayer in a bag, that you carry on your person concealed out of sight. A mojo bag might be constructed to bring luck in gambling, to attract love or sex, to draw in money or for any number of purposes. It might contain objects such as lodestones, a raccoons penis bone, hair from a black cat, a silver dime, dirt from the crossroads, alligator teeth, or whatever items might be appropriate to the working at hand.


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The use of baths and floor washes in hoodoo generally involves straining a mixture of herbs into water like a tea, which is then added to a persons bath water for a variety of purposes, such as the removal of bad luck. Often these herbal mixtures might be added to water and used to wash the floor of a house or place of work to bring blessings or improve business. 


3. Tale of a Tree

An incantation that may be utilized to uncover hidden knowledge:

One must first obtain a twig from the boughs of a mature oak. The twig must be stripped of leaves and bark so that only the bare twig remains. The twig must then be allowed to soak in rainwater for two full days, thereafter removed and allowed to dry for three days. Only after this has been done may the spell be worked.

A solitary candle should be lighted on the eve of a full moon. In the flame of the candle should the small end of the twig be blackened to charcoal and carefully should this thing be accomplished so as not to overly damage the twig.

Once the twig has been sufficiently blackened on its smallest end, a piece of paper should be torn on all sides so as to form a square a hand--s breadth wide and long. On the square of paper, using the blackened end of the twig should be written what subject of knowledge it be that you seek. This being done, the paper should be neatly rolled and sealed with wax of the candle.

The following invocation should be repeated aloud:

Mighty oak of ages past
Watcher of the world and all that passes
Impart unto me thy knowledge
That which has been brought to thee on the four winds
And transferred to your heart from the depths of the earth
Let no secret thing remained hidden, but rather
As the light brings thee life
Let thy life bring unto me knowledge
So this I ask
So may it be.

The candle should now be extinguished. The twig and the paper should both be buried in the earth and rainwater should be poured in a circle round the spot of their burial.

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2.  Hoodoo potions


Magical Use:

It is a crucial component in many banishing and commanding spells. It can also be used to banish illness. It is reputed to drive away danger and rescue its user from disaster.


red wine or apple cider vinegar

garlic cloves

Traditionally, choose one of the following herbs for each thief: black pepper, coriander, lavender, mint, rosemary, rue, sage, thyme, wormwood (*note—wormwood is poisonous)

Mix the ingredients, Allow this to sit for “four” days, shaking “once” daily before use. 




essential oil of hyssop

essential oil of angelica

essential oil of frankincense

a pinch of sea salt

a pinch of black pepper

a pinch of cayenne pepper

a sprig of rue

a sliver of fresh garlic

a section of broken chain, e.g., from a key-chain or necklace

Add the ingredients to a bottle filled with blended castor oil and jojoba oil. The crucial ingredients are the hyssop and the chain. Add the other ingredients as desired. Essential oil of angelica has photosensitizing properties: if worn on the body, avoid exposure to the sun.




essential oil of clary sage or dried crumbled sage or clary sage leaves

essential oil of bay laurel or dried crushed bay leaves

essential oil of myrrh or solid myrrh resin

a bit of steel wool

fine iron shot

1. If you have a black cat, pick a hair off the sofa and add it to the mix.

2. Blend with sweet almond oil, unless using for hexes, in which case blend with castor or mineral oil.

Black Cat Oil is used to break bad spells and hexes, but also to attract positive attention from the opposite sex. If protection is your major desire, blend the ingredients into castor oil and jojoba oil. If romance is your motivating factor, substitute sweet almond oil for the castor oil.


“Goofer” derives from the Kikongo word “kufwa”, meaning “to die”, and 99.5 percent of Goofer Dust’s uses are malevolent. It is usually a blend of graveyard dirt (real dirt, not botanicals) with other substances. Thousands of recipes exist, with practitioners boasting of the potency of their private blends.

Goofer Dust allegedly causes the target of the spell to become weak and confused. Powers of speech, concentration, and thought are allegedly affected; the target acts “goofy”. Some claim Goofer Dust leaves victims crawling on all fours, barking like a dog. Particularly potent Goofer Dust, real “killing powder”, causes the victim to waste away, eventually dying if an antidote is not found.

The most common basic version of Goofer Dust is a blend of graveyard dirt, salt, and sulfur.

Subsidiary ingredients may include powdered snake heads or snake skin ("sheds"), red pepper, black pepper, powdered bones, powdered insects or snails, and grayish, powdery-surfaced herbs such as mullein and sage. In the past Goofer Dust included anvil dust, the fine black iron detritus found around a blacksmith's anvil. A modern substitute for this now-uncommon ingredient would be magnetic sand, which is also back in color. 

4. Torn Asunder
To destroy the ties of an unmatched or endangered pair is a serious undertaking and all consequent repercussions must carefully be taken under consideration before the casting of this spell. It having been rationally determined that the effects of this spell are warranted and necessary, one need proceed as follows:

At the midday hour of any given Wednesday, you will need light a single candle and place it on a table. A length of natural twine, a hand in length, should be laid on the table. A small bowl of rainwater should be likewise set near.

Repeat the following incantation:

Single candle burning bright
Bear two yet be one
(Say the name of one individual)
(Say the name of the other individual)
Wrapped-up tight
Let them come undone
Unleash the
spirit of discord
Unleash the spirit of suspicion
Let no small block remain ignored
As you build your partition

Holding the twine over the flame, carefully allow the fire to burn the twine in two. Immediately thrust the burning ends into the bowl of rainwater and extinguish the candle.

Each piece of twine should be buried in a separate location and half of the rainwater poured over each spot. Once this is done, the candle should be lighted and burned as often and for as long as possible until it has been fully consumed. The spell will be complete when the candle has been fully burned.

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Spells 5-7

5.  Uncrossing Spell

To remove spiritual stumbling blocks.


People speak of having a cross to bear. This candle will get rid of the negative burdens that other people have bestowed on you. Uncrossing is for defending against psychic attack or Black Magick, and for eliminating the spiritual debris of other people's jealousy, anger, or negative thoughts. It is to unburden the user of all the spiritual garbage hanging around and making a mess of life.

A psychic attack is when someone is engaging in a battle with you through the power of thoughts directed by will. Its intent is to cause you harm. This could be intentional or unintentional, and the person doesn't have to be a magick practitioner to do it...

Black Magick is performed through a psychic attack combined with spell work. Someone purposefully arranges a hateful spell against you with the intent to really cause you harm. What do you do if you find out someone has cast a black spell against you? Do you panic? Absolutely not! Take a nice cleansing bath using salt and proceed to any one of the protection spells in this book...

Candle Color: white, blue, gray

Cleansing: water, Florida water, salt

Deity: Elegua, Mercury, Ganesha, Legba

Oil: Uncrossing, Spiritual Cleansing, lavender, coconut, basil, sandalwood

Incense: Uncrossing, Banishing lavender, frankincense & Myrrh, sage

Feeding: iron filings, honey, basil

The Seal:

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Items needed: a letter of intention, a bowl, salt, water, Florida water or any clean-smelling perfume, basil (fresh or dry)

Casting the Spell:

Burn incense during the preparation of this spell. Before carving the candle, pass it though the incense smoke. Do the same for the letter of intention and the bowl. Everything should be purified.

Once the candle is prepared, place the letter in the bottom of the bowl and put the candle on top. Pour a good measure of salt around the candle over the letter. Next add the ice-cold water. Pour in the Florida water or perfume. If you were able to get fresh basil, add the leaves and float them in the bowl. If you are using the dry herb, scatter it over the water.

Light the candle and more incense and say the incantation:

"I ground myself to the Great Mother upon which I stand. Roots grow from the soles of my feet, attaching themselves to the earth. I feel the pulse of the Great Mother's heartbeat rushing up through my body, cleansing me of all weariness. She that sustains me sends electrifying jolts of loving support through my body so that I may stand tall and fortified with the strength of the mighty oak. I ask thee oh, [deity of choice], to be my guardian spirit and see that no harm comes across my path. May all the sender/senders of this negativity see a mirror reflection times three...So Mote It Be."

This Spell is taken from Lady Rhea's book "The Enchanted Candle".

6.  Binding

I have received several requests for bindings.  Apparently there is a great need for these types of spells. Instead of writing each request out separately, by hand, I'm placing my binding spells here...and these spells can be found in my own book of shadows.  I've used these spells myself and was amazed (& just a bit shocked) at how well they work.  I suggest that you don't cast these spells in the heat of the moment, or in anger-- think on it.


The Mirror: 

Purchase a small hand mirror, one large enough for a small picture to fit within its center. Take a photo of the target and cut it out; lay it in the center of the mirror...vent now at the target, let all the negative energy that you feel for this person roil and boil to the surface, spit in his/her face if that is your inclination.

When you have spent yourself expressing your anger...sprinkle over this picture goofer dust, graveyard dirt, banishing powder. You could also add cayenne pepper, or any other herb/ingredient that you have successfully used in the past or that is linked to hexes/curses.

Now, encircle this picture with it's mound of maliferous ingredients with a circle of salt-- sealing the target within.

Find a safe place to keep this charm, perhaps beneath a dresser; and cover it with a bowl if you have pets in the house so that they won't stumble upon it. Every once in a while, perhaps in conjunction with a waning moon phase, pull the mirror carefully out of its hiding place and resprinkle it with a bit of the powders; check the seal of salt and add to it if need be to keep the circle strong...each time you bring it out-- throw your emotions at this individual.

The Poppet: 

In addition-- you can create a crude poppet, pin a photo of the face of the target on the face of the doll. Carefully, slowly, deliberately-- stick straight pins through the mouth in a neat little row...rant, rave, spit, pound, stomp, rage. Throw your hatred and anger at this figure, then cover it in a black cloth and place it away in a secret spot.

The Witch's Bottle: 

You can also create a witch's bottle...fill an empty bottle with pins, razor blades, shards of glass, needles, rusty nails-- and a photo of the target. Add your urine to it. Close the bottle and seal it with black wax. Put it in a safe place and every once in a while, again with the waning of the moon, bring it out and shake it up--- visualize the sharp objects in the bottle cutting the face of the individual trapped inside.


As I've said...

I've used these spells myself and was quite amazed at how well they work. But the thing is, that this is an 'ongoing' thing, keep it up. Remember to check the mirror, less the circle of salt somehow get shifted about and create an opening. Don't let the target sit in the bottle without bothering it now and then. Bring out the poppet, look into the target's eyes and vent your rage every now and then...

The energy will build.

7. Money Spell

The following are magickal correspondences for creating a money spell:

Day:  Thursday

Planet:  Jupiter

Hour:  1st/8th hour after sunrise, 3rd/10th hour after sunset

Moon Phase:  waxing

Color:  Green!

Herbs:  basil, cloves, mint, nugmeg (prosperity), dill (for financial matters regarding children)

Oil:  Prosperity Oil

Incense:  patchouli

Stone:  adventurine

Number:  3

Letters:  C,L,U

Symbology:  triple ring, triformis

Note:  You can write the amount of money needed inside each diamond of the transformis, place the triple ring over the top.  Keep this charm until receiving the specified amount, then burn the charm and scatter it to the wind.  The key word here is 'needed'-- this charm is not about obtaining a million dollars, it's about procuring an amount of money that you desperately need, whether to meet a debt, pay a bill, etc.

Also-- it's a good idea to use "Drawing Powder" in your money spells.  (See spell #8 on this page.)

Spells 8-11

8. Drawing Powder 

"Drawing Powder" is powdered confections'er sugar...

Spiritual supply stores often sell a product called 'drawing powder', intended to draw someone or something into your life.  However, you may be better off shopping for "Drawing Powder" in the supermarket.

Sugar is among the strongest beckoning/summoning/drawing forces on Earth.

As Silver Ravenwolf has so eloquently stated:

"...If you've ever spilled sugar on the floor and wondered how on earth the ants streaming into the kitchen could discover it so quickly, this is why.  It's not the salt and butter in the pasty that draws customers to the bakery...it's the sugar.


10.  Salt 

I consider "Salt" to be one of the most important items for a Wytch to have on hand!  It is the strongest cleansing agent for astral nasties that I've ever found.  It is one of the most important ingredients in most protective magicks...Any Wytch 'worth her salt' will make sure that she has plenty on hand...


Hex Breaking:  Burn salt to thwart all manner of curses and ill-wishing.  Bathing in salt water also works well for this...or...use 'black salt'-- that is salt mixed with black pepper.

Never allow your hosehold to run out of salt, which implies running out of money.

Protection:  Sprinkle salt across a threshold to prevent malicious entities from entering.  *Note:  make sure the room is clear of those unwanted entities first or you will trap them in the room!

Eat a pinch of salt when a severe storm threatens...or...before embarking on a journey!

Add salt to a bath to dispell bad moods and illness.

Use salt to trace a circle around you before casting a spell.

Sprinkle salt in a new home to clear out residue energies left by previous occupants.

9.   Increasing Psychic Awareness

The following are correspondences to create spells intended to increase your psychic abilities...

Day:  Monday

Planet:  Moon

Hour:  1st/8th hour after sunrise, 3rd/10th hour after sunset

Moon Phase:  full moon or new moon

Color:  Purple!

Herbs:  bay, cinnamon, marigold, lavendar

Oil:  Psychic Oil

Incense:  rose, lavendar,

Stone:  moonstone

Number:  7

Letters:  G,P,Y

Symbology:  Neptune, Moon, the runes "AS" (gaining ancient wisdom) and "Lagu" (psychic powers)

Tarot:  High Priestess


11. Candle Magick

 Candle magick is the simplest and yet one of the most effective magicks for spellcrafting.  It is a wonderful way for the novice Witch to begin her practice.

Candles to be used for spells are chosen for their color correspondence; they are then 'dressed' with an appropriate oil and herbs for the intention...

To purchase candles for Candle Magick, click on the image below and scroll down...

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Spells 12-16

12.  Samhain Spells 


Purpose:  To aid all-around psychic development.

Background:  Samhain is the season of The Crone—the "old woman" aspect of the goddess, the divine midwife who brings us into life and helps us cross over into death.  A guardian of sacred thresholds, she also spins, weaves, and cuts our life threads.  Because of this, she is sometimes depicted as a spider or represented by a web.  Sometimes known as the "hag", or Cailleach, the crone is strongly connected with psychic abilities and the ability to walk between the worlds—the capacity to traverse the borderland between everyday reality and other realities such as faerie or the land of the dead.

Shamans are said to walk between the worlds when they engage in magical acts, follow their intuition, or enter a lucid dreamtime in order to bring back important information or expand their spiritual understanding.

Being psychic is less about foretelling the future than it is about learning to inhabit this "between space" in order to grow.  Hecate, one of the many names of the crone, as the guardian of thresholds and spinner and weaver of the great magical web, is the ideal goddess to appeal to if you wish to improve your psychic abilities.  You will need to visualize the crone for this spell.
You Will Need:
Two teaspoons of dried mugwort

One teaspoon of powdered elder leaves

Six drops of cypress essential oil

Mortar and pestle

One charcoal disk in a fireproof dish

One black candle, 6-8" in length
Matches or lighter

Casting the Spell:
As part of your Samhain celebrations, and in a properly prepared circle, work as follows...
1. Blend the mugwort, elder leave, and cypress oil in the mortar and pestle.

2. Light the charcoal, then the black candle, saying:
"Hecate, goddess of the crossroads,
Direct me.
Weaver, guide my thread into
the spaces between."
3. Sprinkle the incense onto the charcoal, and inhale the scent.

4. Close your eyes.  Visualize yourself walking from the east to a crossroads at sunset and stopping to face north.  From this direction, a dark figure approaches.  This is the crone.  When she stops, she will beckon you to follow her.  She will lead you to a gateway; do not pass through this time, but note what it looks like and any symbols that are written on it.  This is the gateway through which you must pass before you can walk between the worlds—and you will need to look out for it, or its symbols, in lucid dreams during this winter.
5. Keep careful note of your dreams between now and Imbolc.

To speak with our beloved dead.
Samhain is the time of year when the veil between the realms of the living and the dead are thinnest.  This is when we remember and honor our ancestors as well as the recently dead, and in many circles we build a gateway to the west—the quarter of death—through which the dead might come and visit just for that one night.
Giving ourselves this special time to acknowledge our sorrow at being separated through death from friends or family is a healthy approach.  Western society generally discourages too much contact with death, and just as the bodies of our loved ones are tended to away from home by professional funeral directors, so our feelings are filed away so as not to cause embarrassment in public.
At Samhain, we can let ourselves feel sad at departures and acknowledge the importance to us of those who have died.  The Samhain circle is a safe space in which to grieve—and remember on our own terms—those we have lost.

You Will Need: 
Two blue candles, at least 12" in length
One white candle, at least 12" in length
One charcoal disk in a fireproof dish
Matches or a light
Two teaspoons of dried Solomon's seal
Approximately 25 seaside pebbles
Casting the Spell:
As part of your Samhain celebrations, and in a properly prepared circle, work as follows...
1. Place the blue candles at the western quarter of the circle and place the white one to your left.
2. Light the charcoal, then the blue candles, and face the "gateway", saying:
"Ancestors of blood, ancestors of spirit
You are honored here."
I call my beloved dead to this gateway.
Only those who wish me well may enter."
3. Sprinkle incense onto the charcoal.
4. Name friends or relatives who have died in the last year...
"I remember (name) who..."
"I want to say this to you..."
5. For each person, place a pebble near the white candle.  Next, remember those who have passed away before this year, and then groups of people you wish to commemorate.
6. When you have finished, and the pebbles are heaped around the white candle, light it, saying:
"All are mourned, remembered, and honored."
7. Say farewell, and close the gateway before the circle is closed.  Return the pebbles to the sea or waterway.

To gain insight into your fortune for the next solar cycle.
There are many recipes for tharf cake, all associated with this time of year and all including the basic ingredient of oats. 
 Tharf cake eaten at Samhain reputedly has the special quality of foretelling the fortune of those eating it.  This may be related to a much older custom in which flat cake with a little darker dough mixed in would forecast the death in the next year of the one unlucky enough to receive a slice with the fateful "shadow" on it. 
The purpose of this tharf cake is much less morbid; it predicts, instead, where your fortune will lie in the next twelve months.
The methodology employed here is very similar to that of reading reading leaves, in that it involves interpreting patterns from the dregs or leavings of a drunk or eaten substance. 
 Here, crumbs from a tharf cake are tossed into a small bowl that is overturned and removed, and the formation of crumbs is read according to the guidance below. Tharf cake ("tharf" comes from a word meaning "unleavened" in Old English) has been eaten at this time of year since before Anglo-Saxon and Viking times.
You Will Need:
One black candle, 6-8" in length
Matches or a lighter
Butter, oats, and whole wheat flour, 4 oz. of each
Sugar, 2oz.
One teaspoon allspice
Chopped apple, 2oz.
One tea plate per person
One small bowl
Casting the Spell:
1. Mix all the ingredients, adding the apple last; roll the dough and cut it into round cakes, and bake at 350 degrees until firm.
2. As part of your Samhain celebrations, and in a properly prepared circle, work with friends as follows...
3. Light the black candle, saying:
"Hail to the cake,
Hail to the baker,
Hail to the coming year."
4. Distribute one cake each.  Eat half and crumble the other half onto another plate.
5. Taking turns, tip the crumbs of each person into the bowl, then pour them back onto their plate and read the crumb patterns as follows:
Mainly to the edge:  you will work for your bread
Mainly to the center: 
necessities will come easily
To the left:  fortune leaving
To the right:  fortune coming

To the top:  you will triumph over adversity

To the bottom:  guard your health

Spirals and curves or circles:  what is owed will be repaid

Straight lines, angles:  a steady income

Horseshoes:  a journey will bring luck

Animal shapes:  guard your home
6.  When all is done...place the crumbs outside for the birds.
These spells are courtesy of "The Spells Bible" by Ann-Marie Gallagher.

13. Peace & Protection Spell


For peace and protection from all ill intent.

Purpose: For total peace and protection from all malevolent beings, whether they be human or spiritual. Note that the seal from "Banishing" is included in this seal. In addition, the two swords are erect, which is a gesture meaning peace, not war. The symbolism of the two swords also works like giant scissors, ready to cut any discordant strand of negative energy. All together, they represent you and your family living in peace and protection.

The seal:
candlemagickpeaceandprotection.jpg picture by Amythyst1
Candle colors: Blue, white, red.

Cleansing: Water, lavender water, three drops of camphor oil (or some camphor broken up into small pieces and steeped in water).

Deities: Athena, Artemis, Hecate, Themis, Nemesis, Demeter, Ares, Erinyes (triple will of the goddess).

Oil: Peace and Protection, Peace, Egyptian Protection, Banishing, a blend of camphor and carnation, lavender basil, frankincense, Dragon's Blood, mint, myrrh.

Incense: Protection, Banishing, Uncrossing, Dragon's Blood, frankincense, lavender, rue.


Items needed: a letter of intention, a bowl, salt, Dragon's Blood, fresh or dry rue, black peppercorns, red wine, fresh or dry mint, fresh or dry basil.

Burn your incense as an offering during the preparation of this spell. Pass the candle, letter, and bowl through the incense smoke for purification. Place the letter in the bowl and put your candle on top. Pour a ring of salt in the bowl around the candle's base, followed by the Dragon's Blood, rue, and peppercorns. Offer your libation of red wine to the deities so that they will protect you from all harm, and add the mint and basil leaves on top of the wine to cleanse and protect and offer peace to your family and home. Light the candle and say the incantation.


"With this wick I do light a candle of protection. No longer sick with fear we will have peace without shedding tears. No matter what section of our home they try to touch, we will live without fear. Praise be to the mighty ones who protect us. So Mote It Be."
(Note*...I remember, when I first began practicing witchcraft how overwhelming it was, all of these ingredients. I assumed that you must have exactly what was listed or it wouldn't work. Most of us who have been at this a while realize that you can make substitutions with herbs and oils and incenses, as long as the substitute ingredient carries the same properties and energies as the original. Scott Cunningham's book, "The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews" has a table of magickal substitutions that begins on page 213. If anyone needs a reference on this subject, let me know.

Obviously, you have quite a choice of oils and incenses to choose from when performing this spell. Never be afraid to experiment, to add your own touch, to make the spell yours.)

Blessings, Amythyst
(This spell is courtesy of "The Enchanted Candle" by Lady Rhea with Eve LeFey)

14. Ally Incantation

Ally Incantation

To gain another as an ally for whatever reason desired, you must first obtain a sample of hair, nail, blood or bodily excretion from the individual whose alliance you wish to secure.

At the midnight of a waxing moon, you will need light two candles. The candles should be placed side-by-side on a flat table or surface.

On a piece of paper, torn or cut neatly to a circle the diameter equal to a hand's length, write the following letters in its center:


Below these letters, write the full name of the person whose alliance you seek. Above the letters, write your full name. On top of the letters, in the middle of the circle of paper, place the bodily sample of the person.

Repeat the following invocation:

In thy name I beg thy aid
That with it may this spell be made
This union ever to remain
Two separate links to form a chain

Drip a drop or two of wax from each candle directly into the center of it all and having so done, extinguish the candles. Fold the paper into a small packet and fasten it with a length of cord. Conceal the packet away so that it may not be easily discovered.



15. Reversing Your Own Spells


1. Go back over your notes and read over exactly what you did in the original spell casting procedure. Use the same ritual that you used before, until you come to the point where you cast the spell...


"Backward, O backward,

O time in it's flight,

Unfetter the bindings of magick and might.

Reverse the intent with love and with grace,

Disperse and return to your original state."

2. State loudly and firmly exactly what you're trying to undo.

3. Sprinkle the project with holy water.

4. Break the project into pieces.

5. Dispose of the project in the trash or burn as much of the project as possible.


"The spell is reversed

without hatred or curse.

So mote it be."

6. Finish the ritual as originally done.
16. Breaking Another Witch's Spell

You will need:

a length of silver cord and a scissors or your bolline

Tie one knot in each end of the cord. Cast with intent. Visualize one knot as you and the other knot as the Witch who cast the spell. Cut the cord in the center, breaking her spell...


"From you to me, this spell I break.

This was not right for you to make.

Its path I will abruptly end,

and back to you the spell I send."



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