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The spells and potions found on this page have largely been collected from monthly newsletters posted at The Witch's Corner...and occasionally from my own Book of Shadows.

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Upon this page you will find:

Love Spells
Fairy Spells
Pagan Holiday Spells
Self-Improvement Spells
Beauty Spells
Spirit Summoning Spells
Cleansing & Purifcation Spells
Dream Spells
Cat Spells
Family Spells
Health & Healing Spells
Hexing Spells

Love Spells


 1.  Ancient Irish Hair Binding
2.  Knot Binding Spell for Two
3.  Conjure Bag Binding
4.  Apple Binding
5.  Fidelity Spells
6.  Quitting Powder
7.  Win Your Heart Candle Spell


 1.  Ancient Irish Hair Binding

In ancient Ireland, it was customary for a man to braid a bracelet from his hair and give it to the woman he loved, a gift of trust-- knowing what can be done to someone magically if you possess their hair.  The binding is not activated unless she accepts the gift, thus accepting him and agreeing to the spell.  This is not a binding that can be imposed on another.

 2.  Knot Binding Spell for Two: A Cooperative Effort

This binding spell ensures that a couple remains together.  It will also counter efforts by others to sunder your love, thus serving as a simultaneous protection spell.

1.  One partner takes a handkerchief or square of cloth and ties two knots in it.

2.  The other partner ties two more knots.

3.  Both parties together now take these four knots and tie them together to make one big, tight knot:  both parties pulling so that the knot is as tight as possible.

4.  Keep the charm in a safe place.  Dress it with a love oil periodically.

5.  If at some point you do wish to separate, untie or break the knot.

3. Conjure Bag Binding

(A conjure bag to bind a lover.)

1.  Draw or cut out a paper heart.

2.  Write both your names inside it.

3.  Annoint the paper with *'Command & Compel Oil'.

4.  Place it inside a conjure bag.

5.  Add a photograph of your love or one of the two of you together and happy.  Also add a lodestone or a piece of rose quartz and a small magnet.

6.  Add two roots: angelica, or a substitution with feminine energy, to represent the woman; High John the Conqueror, or a substitution with masculine energy to represent the man.  Tie them together with red thread or ribbon, knotting securely.

7.  Keep this bag hidden beneath your mattress, annointing with more oils as needed.

4.  Apple Binding

1.  Cut an apple in half horizontally to reveal the hidden star (pentacle) in the center.

2.  Spread each half with honey.

3.  Take a lock of hair from each person's head, braid them together and place on top of one half of the apple.

4.  Bring the two halves together, sandwiching in the honey and hair. Bind them together securely with a red silk ribbon, making several strong knots.

5.  Bury this apple in the Earth, preferably in a romantic spot.

5.  Fidelity Spells

The nutmeg, so easy that it's almost obscene.  This is such a familiar herb, and I'm sure that most of you can easily feed this herb to your intended target without raising any suspicions at all.  Sprinkle some in your partner's coffee each morning-- with magickal intention!-- it actually adds a delightful flavor to coffee, if you don't go overboard. Just a light sprinkling will do, you don't need to use enough to choke a horse.

Calamus root-- I love this one...Calamus root not only will promote fidelity, it has the added bonus of placing you in a dominate position in the relationship, not a bad place to be as far as I'm concerned.  The desired method?...conjure bags.  Choose a small bag of your liking, solid colors, or print, whatever you are drawn too and strikes your fancy.  Fill this bag with some of the usual herbs for love magick.  This could be red rose petals, hibiscus, red geraniums, coriander-- look around your garden, the kitchen cupboard, or your herbal medicine cabinet to see what you may have on hand.  The easiest magick and the magick you are most likely to do involves the most common ingredients.

After you have filled this bag with the herbs for love and then added the calamus root to it, you aren't finished.  You will also have to add to this bag 'tags', or 'personal concerns', whatever you want to call it; this means a slip of paper with the name of the target written on it, hair, fingernail clippings, bodily fluids, a strip of material from personal clothing, etc.  When you have everything in the bag you need, those of you who wish to and know how can bless the bag with the four elements.  Wrap the bag in a black cloth and find some secret place to keep it-- where it won't be disturbed, and where the target will not find it.

You can create your own fidelity spells, using the herbs found at magickal herbs, and your own imagination and determined will...burn the herbs in a metal container, along with your target's name printed on a paper; make small mojo bags containing personal concerns and herbs and tuck them under the mattress, hide them beneath the bed, place them at the four corners of your bedroom.  You like to cook?  Many of these herbs can be used in delightfully wytchy ways in your own recipes-- one of the simplest things to do is to feed your target the magick herbs...But be very sure which herbs are poisonous and which are safe to ingest!

Most importanlty, after you've cast your spell, worked your magick-- forget about it.  Get on with your life, lift your head out of the cloud it's been in and really see the world around you and all it's infinite possiblities.   Let the goddess, the god, and the powers that be accomplish what your magick has set in motion. 

Galler34.jpg Kitchen Witch image by circeskye

6.  Quitting Powder

This Hoodoo formula could be called "Love Fix Powder".  It allegedly forces someone to quit bothering you and leave you alone, halting unwanted romantic and sexual advances.  As a bonus, it may also be used to stop any attempts at placing a hex on you.

1.  Blend and powder the following ingredients:

ground cinnamon

ground nutmeg

powdered newsprint-- Preferably from the target's favorite publication or even a newspaper that has been in their possession

tobacco taken from a cigarette-- ideally obtained from that person, but their favorite brand would be a good second choice.

2.  Use the resulting powder in any of the following ways:

Sprinkle it where your target is sure to sit on it or step over it.

Sprinkle it to create a boundary of safety for yourself.

Carry it in a mojo bag as a protective talisman.

7.  Win Your Heart Candle Spell

This spell allegedly enables you to win the heart of the one you desire.
1.  Carve your name and that of the desired party nine times each on one pink seven-day candle.
2.  Gently warm honey in a pan and then blend in rosewater and powdered orris root.
3.  Roll the candle in this mixture and burn it.

Fairy Spells


1.  Attracting Fairies


1.  Attracting Fairies

Timing:  Although you can summon fairies any time you are performing rituals or working magick that can use their energies, the best time for invoking fairies is during the equinoxes and the solstices.

Hour:  dawn, dusk, noon, midnight...these hours create natural ‘thresholds’ of time.

Herbs:  rosemary, lavender, and marigold

Symbols:  The symbol used for invoking fairies is the ‘heptagram’, a seven point star that’s used for elven and fairy magic.

*Note—remember to thank the fairies for answering your summons or lending their energy to your spell crafting by leaving them silver coins or a bowl of sweet milk.

For several years I prepared my cauldron with the herbs above, as well as a white candle, and we burned an image of the heptagram in the dark of night, near the midnight hour, beneath the apple trees in our backyard.  My son would then take up his watch in a lawn chair beneath the tree, watching the candle burn itself out, and watching for the illusive and magickal creatures to make an appearance.  Once in a while he would have an unusual and interesting experience, whether this was real or his imagination doesn’t matter, it left lasting impressions with him—and that is what magic is all about.

summerfairy22.jpg summer fairy image by minniemouse4747

Pagan Holiday Spells


1.  Litha- Flame Talisman Spell 


1.  Litha --Flame Talisman Spell

(To draw energy and strength from the sun)

Purpose:  To gain energy that you can carry right through to the winter solstice.

Background:  Litha, or the summer solstice, celebrates the sun at the height of its powers.  On the longest day, we honor the strength of the sun just before the days begin to shorten again.  It is generally well known that the sun has some positive physiological effects on humans:  at this time of year we are generally more outgoing, happier, and healthier.  This spell enables you to capture some of that sun power to carry with you...

You Will Need:

One red candle, 6-8 inches long

One white candle 6-8 inches long

Matches or a lighter

One sharp iron nail

One plain copper disk with a hole through it

One 24 inch length of fine cord

One tea-light candle in a jar


Cast this spell at Litha—the Summer Solstice

Casting the Spell:

As part of your Litha celebrations, work the first part of this spell indoors in a properly cast circle prior to going out overnight to await the Litha sunrise.

1.  Light both candles.

2.  Using the nail, inscribe on the disk a circle divided by eight lines, meeting in the center and overlapping at the edge. 

3.  Hold the disk in your left hand, the  cover it with your right and close your eyes.  Focus on the after image of the candle flames behind your eyelids.  Visualize it moving through your body to your solar plexus and through hour hands into the disk.

4.  Thread the pendant, and take it with you to greet the sunrise.

5.  Place it on a rock next to the tea-light candle which should be lit as dawn breaks.  As sunlight strikes the pendant, raise your arms and say:  “Ignite the sacred Fire within”.

6.  Wear it until the winter solstice.

Self-Improvement Spells


1.  Staying True to Yourself Spell
2.  Egg Cleansing Spell
3.  Berry Necklace Spell


1.  Staying True to Yourself Spell

Never be tempted to be something or someone you are not.  Staying true to yourself is one of the most fundamental tools to having lasting, loving relationships.  Being loved for who you are is much more satisfying than molding yourself to what someone else wants you to be.  Try to resist this type of manipulation.  The following spell will help you gain true sense of who you are...

Items needed:

A lock of your hair
come of your fingernail clippings
a wallet-sized picture of yourself, smiling
a royal blue-colored cloth bag big enough to contain the hair, nail clippings, picture, a piece of paper, and seeds
A favorite pen
A small piece of paper, about 7-10 inches
Eight sunflower seeds still in their shells
A piece of black ribbon


Do this spell before you will be joining a group of people, before a date, before beginning something new—such as a job, a school term, etc.

The Spell:

Put the lock of your hair, your nail clippings, and your photograph into the cloth bag.  Sit comfortably in your favorite room, chair, or space.  Put the little bag in hour lap.

With your favorite pen, write down the positive qualities that define who you are on the sheet of paper—such as good-humored, optimistic, lively, thoughtful, etc.  Also write down what you like and dislike generally and in a relationship.  Take some time and put together a really good list.

When you are sure the list is complete, fold the paper and place it in the blue bag.  Pour in the sunflower seeds and tie the bag with the black ribbon.

Carry the bag with you to remind yourself of your worth and that you should not lose sight of who you truly are. 

2.  Egg Cleansing Spell

womanfloweregganimated.gif woman flower egg animated image by rainbowrider61

 This cleansing is meant to follow an experience or encounter that leaves you feeling shaken, uneasy or tainted:

1.  Strip off all your clothing.

2.  Rub an egg over you, working outwards:  from the shoulders out the fingers, from the thighs down to your toes.

3.  Slap yourself all over with a bunch of parsley.

4.  Anoint yourself with rose water.  (For extensive and expensive cleansing, pour a shallow bath of rose water and lie in it, turning over so that both sides of your body are covered with liquid.)

5.  Put on clean clothes.  Place the eggshells and parsley in a brown paper bag and dispose of them far from your home.

Although you can effectively cleanse yourself with this spell, having someone else perform at least the egg-rubbing and parsley-slapping parts is potentially more effective.

3.  Berry Necklace Spell

Purpose: To bring you health, wealth, and happiness

“Background: Berries are versatile ingredients, used in incense blends and potions. Their traditional symbolism is employed in spell work, and they carry magical energies. They also look attractive when used in charms to be hung in the home. This charm draws on traditions associated with mountain ash (rowan), juniper, and holly berries and uses their magical vibrations in charms for health, wealth, and happiness…”

(However, the berries listed in our newsletter above-- blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry-- can be substituted for their magickal purposes.)

You will need:

One red candle
One green candle
matches or lighter
One 48” length of black cord
One sharp needle
One blow
Dried berries of your choice
(approx. 4 ounces of each)


Work on a waxing moon, Tuesday (Mars) for protection, Friday (Venus) for love, Thursday (Jupiter) for wealth, Sunday (Sun) for health and healing

Casting the Spell:

1. Cast a circle.

2. Light the red candle, saying:

“Health and heart prevail.”

3. Light the green candle, saying:

“Wealth and weal, all hail.”

4. Thread the needle, doubling the thread.

5. Pour the berries into the bowl, and with your hands palm down on them, say:

“Berries in your house of black
Never hold your bounty back.

Berries in your house of blood
Keep me hale and do me good.

Berries, for my sake
Happy find and merry make.”

6. Thread the berries onto the thread, while chanting:

“Three bright things I would possess
health, wealth, and happiness.
Health show, wealth grow
happiness all in this row.”

When the thread is full, tie the ends together, and pass it over your head. Walk to the heart of your house, and hang the necklace from the highest point.

Beauty Spells


1.  Cleansing & Beautifying Bath
2.  Acorn Youth & Beauty Spell
3.  Flora's Self-Love Beauty Spell
4.  Freya's Youth Potion
5.  Snow Queen Water
6.  To Enhance Your Powers of Attraction


1.  Cleansing & Beautifying Bath

A good spiritual cleansing and protecting bath can be made with rosemary, rue, basil, hyssop, and lavender.  An old cosmetic wash that is said to help preserve youthful features consists of nothing more complicated than rosemary soaked for three days in pure spring water.  This is strained and used to wash the face both morning and night.

2.  Acorn Youth & Beauty Spell

Three acorns, especially if they're found attached to one another, preserve youth and enhance beauty.  A gold or silver charm depicting three acorns will work, too.  Charge the three acorns under the New Moon, and wear them in your hair.


3.  Flora's Self-Love Beauty Spell

Flora is the Roman spirit of flowering plants and, by extension, of fertility and the life-force.  Her festival, the Floralia, once began April 27th and continued for six days of revelry, especially by women of all ages celebrating their own bodies and natural beauty.  The festival was celebrated in the nude until the third century BCE, when Roman authorities ordered that revelers be clothed.  The festival held out in that form for one more century until all pagan festivals were banned.  Vestiges survive in May Day celebrations.

Just as every blossom is unique, so is every body.  Flora encourages one to cherish one's own beauty without comparison to any other.  This spell is particularly potent if timed to coincide with Flora's old festival but may be cast at any time.

Fill your bathtub with as many fresh flowers as possible, especially Flora's favorite, beautiful, transient bean blossoms.  Enter the bath and understand that you too are among Flora's unique and perfect blossoms.

ladyfrommyspace.jpg Vintage woman in white image by thelastflower

4.  Freya's Youth Potion

Cowslips are wild peonies and are said to be Freya's favorite flowers, as well as those of the fairies.  Reputedly they magically transmit the beauty secrets of these powerful spirits.

 Create an infusion, although you may also substitute a hydrosol.

1.  Boil water and pour it over the blossoms.

2.  When the water cools, strain out the blossoms.

3.  Apply the potion to your face with a cotton ball.

4.  Use the remainder in the bath or elsewhere on the body.

5.  You may also refrigerate the remainder for 24 hours.

Vintage_Woman_Stock_16_by_Lorivinta.jpg http://lorivintage55stock.deviantart.com/ image by kittypopstar

5.  Snow Queen Water

1.  Gather handfuls of fresh, clean snow from the first snowfall of the season, or break off the first icicle you see.

2.  Place it in a glass bowl and let it melt.

3.  Add holly leaves and let this water sit overnight, exposed to moonbeams if possible.

4.  Wash your face with the water for enhanced youth and beauty.

 6.  To Enhance Your Powers of Attraction

You will need:

one green candle
one white candle
mortar & pestle
3 heaping tsp. of dried mint
3 heaping tsp. of dried apple
1 tblsp. dried marjoram
1 tblsp. dried rose petals
1 large box or chest for holding tea

Cast this spell between a waxing half-moon and full moon, on any day but Saturday.

1.  Light the green candle saying:

"For that which is without."

Light the white candle saying:

"For that which is within."

3.  Grind all the listed ingredients together, chanting as you do:

"Everything that I am I will be
Everything changes from within me."

4.  Place the ingredients in your container & seal it.  Hold it in both hands, visualizing to yourself the good points others may see in you.

5.  When the vision is fixed in your mind, open the container and on your next breath, breathe the power of that vision into the mixture.  Seal the box immediately.

6.  When you wish to have a cup of tea, use two teaspoons of the mixture in a cup of hot water, leaving it to brew.  Then pour it through a strainer, and sweeten the tea to suit your taste.

Spirit Summoning Spells


1.  Spirit Summoning: Magick Mirror
2.  Black Cat Spirit Summoning
3.  Sigil Spirit Summoning- Traditional
4.  Sigil Spirit Summoning- Personal Communication


1.  Spirit Summoning:  Magick Mirror

1.  Light a white or silver candle.

2.  Announce your intention and ask for blessings.  You may ask for a "go-ahead" signal as to whether to proceed.

3.  Sit, relax, burn frankincense or warm its essential oil to extend an invitation and enhance your powers of clairvoyance.

4.  Look in your mirror.  Pretend you're not looking at yourself but impartially, at another being.

5.  When this is accomplished, look beyond yourself in the mirror.

6.  Stay relaxed:  if you are tense, this won't work.  Only work for as long as you feel fresh and relaxed; several attempts may be necessary before you accomplish your goal.  This technique takes time.

7.  Eventually you may see a new face; eventually you may see a spirit behind your own image.  You may see lights.  The experience is very personal and varies with each individual.

2.  Black Cat Spirit Summoning

Black cats (or any other cats) are not perceived as evil or unlucky amongst magickal traditions.  They are perceived as magickal creatures:  black cats are a favored form for some shape-shifting spirits.  In other words, some black cats may be spirits in disguise, making it especially unlucky to harm any black cat.  Black cats, in general, are perceived as having special contacts among the spirit world, making them favored familiars.

Black cat Oil calls in the spirits.  Dress Candles with Black Cat Oil and burn them to beckon benevolent, magickally oriented spirits.

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3.  Sigil Spirit Summoning

Spirit and demon-beckoning sigils (symbols) are reproduced in grimoires; veve designs are reproduced in books devoted to Voudou and Quimbanda.

1.  Find the desired image.

2.  Carefully draw it, while concentrating on your intent, on to parchment or fine paper.  Magickal inks are traditionally used.

3.  Post it or place the image on your altar.  Surround with charged, burning candles.

4.  Sigil Spirit Summoning
(Personal Communication)

Sigils may have been inspired by the spirits, but their creation derives clearly from human hands.  Magick is not static; the most powerful sigil can be the one you create yourself.  The expression of your heart is often the surest, quickest mode of communication.

1.  Contemplate the nature and identity of the spirit you wish to summon.

2.  Allow yourself to be inspired so as to create a sigil dedicated to that spirit alone.

3.  This sigil may be drawn on paper, but it may also be drawn onto the floor using powders, or expressed via a tableau.  Consider the nature and tastes of the specific spirit in order to determine the proper materials.

Cleansing & Purification  Spells


1.  Broom Cleansings Spell
2.  Exorcism Powder
3.  Cast Out Evil Incense


Broom Cleansings

You thought witches' brooms were only for flying?  Or perhaps they're for ambience?  Think again:  a broom is as effective a spiritual cleanser as it is a household cleaning tool.  Some maintain special ritual brooms, for magickal use only.  Some spells call for really special ritual brooms, intended to be used only once then destroyed, while other spells utilize any available broom, including the one you use for regular daily sweeping.

1.  Broom Cleansing Spell

1.  Use any broom to sweep the dust from west to east.
2.  Burn this dust and toss the ashes outdoors.
3.  Complete the ritual by mopping the floors with a magical floorwash...

[*note:  I personally would sprinkle a little rosemary in the mop water, or add a sprig of sage.  L.A.]

4.  Follow up with a protective incense fumigation.

 animated_broom.gif broom image by daisyseven1

 Cleansing Powders

Powders are sprinkled through an area to radiate a cleansing effect as well as to absorb malignancies in the air...

2.  Exorcism Powder

Despite its name, rather than performing actual exorcisms, this powder helps eliminate negative emotions, vibrations and low-level spirit emanations.

1.  Blend the following ingredinets together and grind into a fine powder:

dried basil

2.  Blend this powder into arrowroot powder.
3.  Sprinkle as needed.

animated_broom.gif broom image by daisyseven1

Cleansing Through Smoke

Burning botanicals releases their powers into the air, releasing various magical effects.  What is actually being released depends upon what is being burned...Smoke cleansings are considered among the most potent of cleansing spells.  Their effect lingers as along as you can smell any vestiges of the botanical aroma.  Strong fragrant, visible smoke that shoots straight up is considered especially powerful and auspicious.

3.  Cast Out Evil Incense

This powerful formula provides cleanisng for areas profaned by evil or violence:

1.  Blend and grind the following ingredients together into a fine powder:


2.  Sprinkle onto a lit charcoal and burn.

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Dream Spells


1.  Lucky Mystic Powder
2. Mary Magdalene Sleepover Party
3.  Basic Psychic Enhancement
4.  Artemis' Dream Herbs
5.  Dream Message Spell
6.  Mugwort Dream Bath



fairy24.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

1.  Lucky Mystic Powder

The following is a Hoodoo formulation said to induce psychic dreams:

1.  Grind dried basil and vetiver root together, creating a fine powder.

2.  Blend this powder with silver magnetic sand, until you achieve a fragrance and appearance that pleases you.

3.  Sprinkle this powder around your bed just before bedtime.

peacock_feather.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

2.  Mary Magdalene Sleepover Party

 Mary Magdalene's Eve is considered especially fortuitous for prophetic dreams.  Even without deliberate request or ritual, pay attention to any spontaneous dreams received.  The following British dream spell is, traditionally, performed by three women, preferably sisters, on Mary Magdalene's Eve.  This ritual was also once a sleepover party game, perhaps instigated by parents desiring peace and quiet, since the participants cannot speak!

1. Blend wine, rum, gin, vinegar, and water.

2.  Use a rosemary wand to asperge (sprinkle) this liquid around the room or rooms where you'll sleep.

3.  Sprinkle in all the corners, on the bed and, finally, on yourselves.

4.  Go to bed without speaking another word until after any dreams are recorded.

peacock_feather.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

3.  Basic Psychic Enhancement

Use any one or combination of the dream enhancing herbs listed here to stuff dream pillows.  Or place any combination of them in a conjure bag, to be worn around the neck at night.

peacock_feather.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

4.  Artemis' Dream Herbs

Fill your dream pillow with a divinty's special botanicals to request their protection as well as their presence in your dreams.  Artemis is an obvious choice because she rules the night as well as the herbs so intrinsically connected with dreaming.

Dried Dittany of Crete
Dried mugwort
Dried southernwood
Dried tarragon
Dried wormwood

1.  Fill a white bag with a combination of the above herbs.

2.  Add a tiny smooth silver charm to the center of the bag.

3.  For maximum strength, create and inaugurate the pillow on a Full Moon.

peacock_feather.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

5.  Dream Message Spell

Send a message via dreams.  The goal of this German spell is to magically induce someone else to have a specific dream.

1.  Determine the exact dream that needs to be transmitted in as much detail as possible.

2.  At the New Moon, place a clear quartz crystal within a glass of spring or Holy Water and create lunar-infused water by leaving it exposed to moonlight overnight.

3.  During the waxing moon, dress your bed with clean white sheets and sprinkle the lunar water over them.

4.  Place yarrow, wormwood, and thyme inside a muslin bag or tie it up within a handkerchief.

5.  Hold the herb packet in your hand and concentrate on the person for whom this dream is intended.

6.  Place the packet within your pillowcase, as you go to sleep visualize the dream you'd like to send as if you were watching a movie.

peacock_feather.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

6.  Mugwort Dream Bath

Bathing in mugwort tea may be more pleasant than drinking it and equally effective at inducing prophetic dreams.

Pour boiling water over one teaspoon of dried mugwort.  Allow the infusion to cool to room temperature, then strain and add to your bath water. 

Cat Spells


1.  Lucky Cat Spell 
2.  Lucky Cat Candle Spell
3.  Spirit Petition:  Freya Cat Spell



Cats are considered to be the animal that is the ally of gamblers and games of chance, they are believed to bring good luck and success in these endeavors.  Following is  a cat spell that may do just that:

1.  Lucky Cat Spell

Candles in the shape of cats are the figure candles most associated with gambling magic.  Red, black or green candles may all be used.  Let your intuition guide you:

1.  Inscribe the candle with your name, identifying information, and any lucky numbers.

2.  Dress it with Black Cat Oil, or another gamblers lucky oil.

3.  Burn the candle.

2.  Lucky Cat Candle Spell

Lucky cat candles help fulfill your wishes.  Color coordinate to suit the nature of the wish:  use green for money, red for love, and black to resolve problems.

1.  Carve and dress the candle as you will.

2.  Write your wish succinctly and explicitly on a piece of paper.

3.  Burn the paper; use this paper to light the candle, rather than a match.

4.  Murmur wishes, incantations, and sacred verses, at least until the paper has completely burned to ash.

3.  Spirit Petition: 
Freya Cat Spell

There is an old Norse tradition of paying tribute to the goddess Freya by feeding milk to cats.

1.  Put out milk for stray cats.  If you don't live in an area with stray cats, bring contributions to a shelter or adopt a gray stray cat.

2.  Feeding isn't done by rote but as a conscious offering; speak with Freya simultaneously, explain your needs, desires, or broken heart, and request assistance.

3.  Pay attention-- the response may come through the cats

Family Spells


1.  Death in the Family Spell
2.  Family Unity Spell:  Healing Rifts
3.  Family Unity Spell:  Paper Doll Spell



1.  Death in the Family Spell

In the event of the death of the “head of the family”, the main protector or income provider, preserve a lock of her or his hair. Nail it beside the lintel of the main entrance [of your home] with an iron nail to maintain the household’s prosperity and protection.

AutumnPentagramBar-1.png divider leaf 2 picture by witch_of_endore

2.  Family Unity Spell:  Healing Rifts

To heal rifts and maintain the unity of the family, you will need one hair from the head of each person in the family or each person involved in the rift, whatever you deem appropriate.

1. Braid them and tie together with red silk thread.

2. Wrap the braid in more red silk thread, winding it and making seven knots in it.

3. Wrap this in a small square of white silk.

4. Bury this packet at a crossroads.

AutumnPentagramBar-1.png divider leaf 2 picture by witch_of_endore

3.  Family Unity Spell:  Paper Doll Spell

Make paper dolls, one to represent each member of the family. Tie them together and place them in a basket to signify the unity of the family. Keep them safely as charms to use them in the following ritual, as needed:

One person, usually but not always the mother, is designated leader of this ritual. She takes out the little puppets, one by one, from the basket and begs each to take on any bad luck coming to the individual it represents. When the ritual is complete, in the presence of everyone, the dolls are burned and pass into the spirit realm.

99e11923528ad35325661abvw9.gif candle animated autumn picture by witch_of_endore

(These spells are courtesy of "The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells" by Judika Illes-- there's a link at the bottom of this page.)

Health/Healing Spells


1.  Goodwife's Tisane Spell
2.  St. Benedict's Healing Spell
(for animals)
3.  Astrological Healing Waters


 1.  Goodwife's Tisane Spell

(For General Good Health)


To engender good health and to indicate where health problems are likely to come from.


For centuries, wisewomen'e brews have bestowed cures and general good health.  The brews are assembled from herbal and magical knowledge and are health-giving physically as well as spiritually.  But teas-- for this is what a 'tisane' is-- also have a reputation as divinatory tools, through the dregs, or leaves, that are left after they have been drunk.  This spell combines the two functions in order to bestow good health and provide an early warning system of where health may be compromised in the future.

There is an entire science to go with tea leaf readings, and there is very little space here to explore all of the traditional meanings of all the shapes you are likely to encounter at the bottom of your cup.  However, it is possible to give a few hints that will aid you if this the first time you have 'read' the tea leaves; the rest is up to you and your powers of intuition-- and of research, should you need it!  On the purely herbal front, you may be interested to know that the ingredients of this tisane provide plenty of vitamins, settle the digestion, and aid sleep-- all basic ingredients of general good health.

How to cast the spell:

You will need:

one pale blue candle, 6-8 1/2 inches...15-20 cm

matches or lighter

one large freshly chopped dandelion leaf

three dried chamomile flower heads, chopped

five large freshly chopped mint leaves

one teacup & saucer

boiling water


Work on a waxing moon, and on a Monday, day of the Moon, to honor the wisdom of the wisewoman or cunning man within.

Casting the Spell:

1:  Cast a circle, if you are practiced at it and wish to work within a sacred space.

2:  Light the candle, saying:

"By sun, wind, and rain
I bless this tisane."

3:  Place the ingredients in the cup and pour on the boiling water, then place the saucer over the cup to keep the heat in.  While the tisane is brewing, chant the following:

"By the goodness in this brew
Sickness slay and life renew."

4:  Leave it for five minutes, then uncover it, and when it is cool enough, drink it.

5:  tip the residue onto the saucer.

6:  The following shapes indicate associated areas to look out for in the future:

Horseshoe or cup:  kidney or bladder

Animal:  thighs or hips

Facial Features:  the head

Lines & angles:  joints or arms/hands/legs/feet

Figure eight:  chest or sinuses

Waves:  stomach or bowels

(Source:  "The Spells Bible" by Ann-Marie Gallagher--
there is a link at the bottom of this page.)

2.  Saint Benedict's Healing Spell
(A Healing Spell for Animals)

In his lifetime Saint Benedict persecuted pagans & witches.  One wonders how he would have reacted had he known that, centuries later, he'd be magically petitioned to assist ailing animals?

Burn a white candle dedicated to Saint Benedict and offer him a glass of brandy or Benedictine.  Make your petition of healing.  Saint Benedict's animal ally is the crow.  Look for the appearnce of a crow to indicate a response to your petition.

 0090.gif crow 1 picture by witch_of_endore

 3.  Astrological Healing Waters

Each part of the body is under the dominion of an astrogogical sign, from the head (Aries) to the feet (Pisces).  The sign influences that part of that anatomy.

Create twelve bottles of lunar-charged healing water, corresponding to the astrological signs:

1.  Each month, on the night of the Full Moon, expose a glass bottle filled with pure spring water to the moonbeams.

2.  In the morning, label the bottle with the appropriate astrological sign (or place in smaller bottles, then label).

3.  Apply these waters to the parts of the body ruled by that astrolgoical sign for healing purposes.


Sign:  Aries
Date:  March 21-April 20
Body Correspondence:  Head

Sign:  Taurus
Date:  April 21-May 20
Body Correspondence:  Neck, throat, shoulders

Sign:  Gemini
Date:  May 21-June 20
Body Correspondence:  Lungs, hands, arms

Sign:  Cancer
Date:  June21-July20
Body Correspondence:  Breasts, stomach

Sign:  Leo
Date:  July21-August 20
Body Correspondence:  Heart, solar plexis

Sign:  Virgo
Date:  August 21-September 20
Body Correspondence:  Digestive System

Sign:  Libra
Date:  September 21-October 20
Body Correspondence:  Kidneys, back

Sign:  Scorpio
Date:  October 21-November 20
Body Correspondence:  Reproductive &
Eliminatory organs

Sign:  Sagittarius
Date:  November21-December20
Body Correspondence:  Thighs

Sign:  Capricorn
Date:  December 21-January 20
Body Correspondence:  Knees, bones

Sign:  Aquarius
Date:  January 21-February 20
Body Correspondence:  Calves, ankels,
circulatory and glandular systems

Sign:  Pisces
Date:  February 21-March 20
Body Correspondence:  Feet



"The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells" by Judika Illes

Hexing Spells


1.  Kick a Stone Spell



1.  Kick a Stone Spell 

I'm  going to include a stone spell-- and I found a spell that brings out the Wykid Wytch in me.  It may be a little earthy for some, but witchcraft tends to be a little earthy anyway. 

This spell, and many more, can be found in Judika Illes's book, "The Element Encylopedia of 5000 Spells".  You'll find a link at the bottom of this page.

Kick a Stone Spell:

1.  Find a small stone.  Designate it as the person you need to dominate.  If you can find something reminiscent about the person in the stone, whether color or shape, this makes it even more effective.  Location also produces an excellent link-- locate the stone near the other person's favorite haunts or, if you're daring, pick it up in the other person's prescence.

2.  Bring the little rock home.  As soon as you enter your home, throw the rock on the floor.

3.  Kick it, reasonably gently (your goal is submission, not injury), through your home until it rolls under your bed.

4.  As you kick the stone, visualize the rock as your spell's target, actually see the person as if they were the size of the rock, running before you.

5.  Address the rock by the person's name. Tell it what you need.  Visualize the person doing your bidding, extending cooperation, fulfilling whatever is your key need and desire.

6.  Leave the rock under your bed.

7.  Should you ever need to reinforce this spell, bring the rock outside, urinate on it, and start the kicking process all over again.





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